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Xiaomi Mi Box S 4K TV Box: Top 5 Reasons To have it for Your TV

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So how about Chromecast, Android TV, Google assistant, Online TV and huge variety of apps in one single, well built and stylish looking device? Say hello to the Mi Box S and … let’s talk about the top 5 reasons to buy it.

Diving right to the first and – supposedly most important reason to go for a Mi Box: using a streaming device is among the cheapest ways to make your TV smart or smarter than what it is, and make that based on an open-source and well maintained by Google operating system.
Mi Box s arrives at slightly lower price than its predecessor, which is another good sign. While Xiaomi do not disclose this officially – it is powered by the S905X processor – widely used with many TVBoxes, but is unfortunately not the latest and greatest from the Amlogic product line; The box is equipped with 2GB DDR3 ram, 8GB storage, and arrives with Android TV 8.1 out of the box.
The TVbox is a very slight upgrade to the predecessor – Mi Box 3, so if you have that one, likely the Mi Box S won’t really strike you with performance upgrades.

Second top reason to go for Mi Box S is the Android TV OS – meaning that it is stock image of Google’s Android system, which is certified by Google. You don’t have to worry about shady apps, unknown services, bloatware or whatsoever. It is arriving with version 8.1 out of the box, a nice step up compared to the competition.
The settings menu is well organized – and is aligned according to Android TV standards, giving you control over the entire operating system. You can adjust WiFi settings, the display and sound, add Bluetooth devices and so on. Everything is well understandable and grouped in a way that makes sense.
Adding a Bluetooth Gamepad worked just fine withing a few seconds, event hough we talk about a quite old model.
Using USB devices is quite easy too, and unlike the Amazon Fire TV stick, using external media with the Mi Box S is quite well working! The device is good even for gaming – not as powerful as the nvidia shield TV – but still good enough for games like Asphalt, Real racing, even PUBG.

Being Google certified leads us to the third major point of interest – content streaming in Full HD and UHD ; HD streaming of Netflix, for instance. Youtube is also well presented with video resolutions of up to 4K.

The other outstanding feature to highlight – voice control: there is a dedicated button launching Google Assistant – instead of typing long names and titles with this not so convenient software keyboard – just say them and they will show right away.

Number 5 – Google Chromecast which is embedded. Extremely convenient and useful – and one of the big differences between this TV box and the non-certified android devices. Videos, photos – this is a very quick, good working and reliable way to share content on your TV and make it visible for everyone in the room.
If you need a cute, stylish and capable device to stream Youtube, Netflix or Amazon Prime Video – it is perfect and in my opinion is a better choice than most of the other google certified TV boxes. If you have the Mi Box 3 – keep it and carry on using it. If you don’t care about android TV, and all you need is Android’s full power unleashed – as it is on your smartphone for instance – get a Chinese TVbox with the latest generation processor.

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44 Responses

  1. Christopher Holmes

    Mi Box works great only thing that you will need to get if you have a 4k Tv is a usb ethernet cable, it makes the resolution alot better. It cost maybe 15 dollars.

  2. Paweł H.

    very nice device amasing launcher and good speaking nice rec! bro
    is one of the best TV box OS ever?
    Think so
    I have amazon Fire TV stick2 amasing so! Great things so

  3. Anthimos Xenos

    Very problematic piece of hardware. Store I bought it from replaced it for me twice under warranty. Very faulty and limited hardware

  4. naeema alkiyumi

    @tech4all i wanna know how it performs when you browse and watch series or movies online from specific websites? Does it perform well without lagging or crash i hope u do answer me because i wanna mainly buy this for this reason only !!

  5. Appar Singh

    two more things expected in its upgraded version
    1. Ethernet port
    2. remote with fast forward and rewind buttons

    otherwise much better than amazon fire stick

  6. munther khalaf

    The one that I have bought a few days ago does not have 4K in the resolution list
    The highest in the list is 1080. Appreciate some input on this problem especially when I bought it I was attracted to the writing on the outer orange carton that says it’s capable of 4K hdr

  7. Sam Smith

    It recently upgraded from Android 8.1 to Android 9.0 & lost a lot of features the main one being a functioning $70 Google Chromecast Ultra that came pre-installed. Support on the phone & by email is dismal at best.

  8. Rico Schoonen

    Great box for a low price. Just installed android 9 on it and it runs even better now. My disadvantage is the lack of an extra usb port. I ordered a usb splitter box with 3 ports and i will let you know if that will work with my airmouse and usb stick. One other point is the choice of the default launcher, i am using sideload channel launcher 2 now in witch you can custimise everything including your background. It would be nice to set that as the default launcher.
    For the rest only positive. There are also apk files you can sideload on it. One of my reccomandations is CX File explorer. Runs very fast on the box and you can easily set up an account in the cloud with the webdav protocol. CX can also do a cleaning performance of large unnessacery files and cache files. The box also reconizes a usb stick of 64 gb so the storage of only 8 gb isn't a problem anymore.

  9. Hesham Essa

    Warning: If you using blutooth headset or earbuds dont upgrade to android 9,, when you pair your bluetooth headset you wont be able to play netflix or any video

  10. barkofink

    Disadvantages > Ram (2gb), Storage (8gb), not fully Android store access, one launcher, one usb drive and only 2.0, web browsing and apparently Wifi sucks.

  11. Jessa Oyeah

    ty so much mister,im sure to buy this 4 my kids,i hav a 65 samsung smart tv that i hust bought and gosh its not android my son told me,im so bless i found ur video,by d way mister can it really play games like dat racing u mention and pubg?
    alrdy sub by d way ty again godbless😍

  12. Chang

    Dear Tech4All, i'm a girl who not very good with gadgets..when plugging in the power to the Mibox, do i have to push all the way in? Like until it has a 'click'? Right now it works but i can't seem to push the plug fully in. Is this normal?

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