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THE PLATFORM (2019) Explained In Hindi (NETFLIX) | Ye Hai Aj Ki Duniya Ki Situation


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Plot :
In a dystopian future with absence of resources, people can freely to inn The Pit, a vertical underground jail where after an interview to check the possible admission, the volunteer passes a determined time in exchange to get more social position. Hoping to get an approved title, Goreng wakes up in the level 18 to discover The Pit’s structure: only one cell of 6 meters height (so-so 20 feet) per level with a rectangular hole in the middle in all them, used by The Pit’s administration to descend a too rectangular floating platform with the food for all prisoners, downing from level 0 (the restaurant where food is cooked) to the bottom, staying 2 minutes per level. With veteran Trimagasi as cell’s partner, Goreng learns eventually The Pit’s main rules: 1st, each inmate arrives The Pit with a personal object from the exterior; 2nd, the inmates can’t keep food off the platform under penalty to die by extreme heat or cold; and 3rd, one time per month all inmates are asleep with gas in order to exchange them of levels. But when a month later they both wake up in the level 171, Goreng learns for his horror that all the inmates divide in three types: those in the upper levels who eat with more time to think, those in the lower levels whose don’t eat after platform arrives empty becoming in demented and starved killers, and finally those who jump to the void by the hole, crashing against lower levels (and being cannibalized by the savage inmates). Saved to be killed by Trimagasi in the last minute by Miharu, a silent and violent young girl who time and time again descends in the platform looking for her missing child forced to be in The Pit, Goreng little by little loses his mind in a place with no morality nor humanity, passing from level 23 to 252 with Imoguiri as partner (Goreng’s interviewer and an ingenuous about the reality of The Pit) to finally arrive in level 6 with Baharat as new partner, who tries with a rope scaling to level 0. But Goreng tells Baharat a better plan to leave The Pit.

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Author: Kevin MacLeod
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Song – “The Dread” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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Scary horror Music Haunted.

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  1. Ghost Series

    Doston Kaisi lagi Ye zabardast video.
    Comment karke zarur btana.
    Stay safe..21 days lockdown h..bahar mat jana please.


    I have a question- if the people are always rotated frm thr levels then Jo log level 1ya 0 pr hote wo bhi kbhi kbhi niche jate honge fhir upr ane pe unko toh pta hona chiye ki niche kitni prblm Hoti h so fhir bhi wo log ASA kyu krte h

  3. sunita kumari

    hi love ur way of explanation….pls explain "war for the planet of apes" movie. there is literally no good video on this movie at all and since u explain in detail this is my very request on ur channel – Sunita

  4. Sanjeev kaul

    jo ye movie aaj hume sandesh deti hai India main ye cast system hajaroan saal Pehele se brahman kaum ne shuru kiya hoya hai aur aaj bhi ye sale apne aap ko dusroan se Jayda uncha samajhte hai specially sharme varme gupte

  5. dude pacific

    What I feel is that the platform was destroyed or burnt ,u even see a yellow flame for a brief second and u never see the platform go up in the movie only down so that means everyday theres a new platform that descends and gets destroyed at the end.

  6. Income Tax Inspector

    Easily 4.5/5 for me what a movie it is watched on Netflix shocked it was released in 2019 went unnoticed, may be because it is foreign language film and not Hollywood

  7. Mahima Nayak

    लास्ट में Trimagasi कहां से आ गया, वो तो मारा गया था ना🤔🤔🤔

  8. Joker Supra

    Is film mai fault hai… Kiu ki sob ka room shuffle hota hai.. To upper room bale Jante hai ki usko agle month 200 no room Mao jana ho sakta hai… To upper level wala sochega ki wo agar ""spontaneous solidarity "" follow kare to next month usko koi paresani nahi hoga..
    To ye system is jagah hamare samaj se alag hai

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