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How to Join Zoom Video Conference Using Your Phone

How to teach an online lesson with Zoom? How to get your students to join your lesson from their phones? In this Zoom app tutorial, you will learn how to join a meeting or lesson using Zoom app from your phone or any mobile device.

Zoom app is a practical solution to virtual school and online learning.

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20 Responses

  1. Khaled Darwish

    I have a problem with zoom; The ANNOTATE tool doesn't work. I click on it then I go to choose T or DRAW but I can't write or draw. It works on the other laptop but it doesn't work on my laptop. Also I can't share the whiteboard , it says ERROR CODE: 0 May you help me with this if you can please?

    Not: On other laptop I don't have a problem with my account so I may missed a program on my laptop?

  2. Jessie Owen

    We are going for the day now and I will be at the house to get up and get the money to you and I will call you in about a week and a half and half

  3. Bethel Multimedia

    Good video so I gave you a thumbs up. It is good primarily because you separated the Android and Windows tutorial. You also separated the join meeting from setting up a meeting so I can refer participant to this video than overload them with information.

  4. Mich Kings

    Thanks for your video, one of the best I've come across. I am setting up a meeting for our Church and wanted something with as little details as possible, and you've provided it. I do have one question, can someone join a meeting without signing up for zoom?

    Once again thank you. Be Blessed.

  5. Dixon Cheung

    Can I plug in a microphone on my phone when using Zoom? I have a Rode Mic and would like to use that to allow people to hear me better when I host a webminar. Thanks

  6. Carrie Gorden

    I have participants who are having trouble getting into my meeting. They follow the link and then they have to put in their phone number and wait for a verification code. Then the code never comes or comes hours later. Help! What can I do to get them in!?

  7. Far East World Evangelism

    Thanks for the instructions. (By the way, I notice you are originally from Russia – I have made several trips to Murmansk). Thanks again.

  8. njpammy

    Thank you!! Very helpful – I've used Zoom for work on my laptop but had trouble on my phone. This was a huge help! Please post more!

  9. DrKate L.

    Thank you so much for this. I thought it would be simple to find a "how to" video for Zoom on iOS. Boy, was I wrong. Yours is the first one I've found that is actually helpful. 👍🏼

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