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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (PC) DOWNLOAD FREE Updated version (1.7) + 1.8 Patch Install Tutorial

• Download:

Mega is fast but unfortunately sometimes limited,so if your download stop you can continue download after 5 hours!

MediaFire is a bit slow but NOT LIMITED!


♫ Music: Lost Sky – Dreams [NCS Release]

• Step by Step:
1. Download

2. Extract the COD4.rar

3. Start the game with iw3mp.exe

4. Go to multiplayer options and enter a valid cd key

5. And done you can play on 1.7 srvers

6. If you want update your game to 1.8 close the game

7. Open the “Cod4 1.8 v17.7 client” folder

8. Run install, if the installer finished press any button ( IF THIS IS

4. Done.ツ

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Join to server: • /connect

Server version: 1.8 Gametype: SD Mod: Promod

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    after one year thx for 100k + views ! and I hope that this video has helped many people

  2. Shinta

    Can you give me the full link? The one in the description is cut out and the scuffed url on the mega site doesn't work on megadownloader.

  3. The1DEV

    It works successfully! Graphics are a bit downgraded but who cares! At least you have a fully operational and working game.

  4. Joturo

    My respect for is for you.
    I love how I have been able to get some good games from the past thanks to this collaborations. Some games a 38 years old man can be grateful of.

  5. khali_0000

    ya know dude im subscribing because ur a homie to everyone like this is much better than toddy's tutorial thank u so much

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  6. Duckyhub1 Modz

    I can play sp but not mp any help would be nice EDIT:I figured it out I just installed 1.8 and it worked.THX SO MUCH❤️❤️👍

  7. sokool84

    ATTENTION 🙂 If you have a problem with crashing multiplayer, you have to plug in mic or headphones into microphone output. It's stupid but this is the best solution. Remember to plugin in direct to your output in mainboard, not front panel.

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