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ASUS Zephyrus – The Perfect Gaming Laptop?

Asus Zephyrus Review – The best gaming laptop experience using Nvidia Max-Q Design. Thin, Powerful and Quiet!
Asus Zephyrus –

More info about Nvidia Max-Q –

This laptop was provided by Nvidia. Opinions are my own. This video was made in collaboration with Nvidia.

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49 Responses

  1. Dave Lee

    Max-Q design is straight up awesome. I hope more companies use this approach for future gaming laptops. Thanks for watching 2D fam!

  2. Anurag Ambuj

    When video titles end with a question mark I just ignore them. I just wrote this comment, haven't seen the video. You can ignore my comment too if you are not comfortable with it.

  3. Masa Fulgur

    so size doesn't really mean anything to me, but what about something like something that's fairly quite, good amount of power, but also good cooling 120+ hrz and at least an eithernet port? It's really hard to pinpoint the best one especially when a lot of reviews talk about "oh this new technology, oh look at this 2080 inside of it, it's a great laptop" but a review without the cons against the pros i feel isn't a good review.

  4. Drum Lounge

    Wait a minute: You consider 80-81 db to be ‚quiet‘?? I know guys who consider 48-50 db to be loud fan noise. 😏 Nontheless a very cool laptop!


    what i don't like is that they had to place the keyboard farther from the screen. this makes the distance to the small screen larger.

  6. Redboy

    Can you review this laptop? Cheapest rtx laptop I could find

  7. Максим

    Афтор ! Название на русском а все остальное на английском!!
    Откуда такие берутся …..
    Лови Диз )))

  8. Fidel Padron

    My first basic laptop which I had no idea, I just picked it and and it was this brand of my laptop.Its a really good laptop for it price, still new to it though.

  9. Александр Кравчук

    ага конечно, а как там дела с перегревом? после 10 минут как обычно сброс частот и тротлинг?

  10. Boeflex Nick

    razerblade 15 is actually the best gaming laptop on the market. no other gaming laptop even comes close to the beuty of the form factor of a razer blade 15

  11. Wisdom Reading

    system is the most problem. Such as Samsung phone, good hardware, worse system, bad experience! A better system decides the final experience. that’s why mac worthy than it’s hardware value mostly!

  12. Domnul este adevaratul Dumnezeu !!!

    Dave Lee , if i buy this laptop for java programming , it is good ? Please help me.Thank You.God bless you and your're family.

  13. elionai ayres

    OMAIGODE OMAIGODE OMAIGODE BRASIL BRASIL PERNAMBUCO 81 kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk PERNAMBUCO 81

  14. โครเมนเทียส บุตรแห่งซูส

    เยี่ยมๆ มีแปลภาษาไทยด้วย

  15. Zimr Design

    I actually ordered the newst zephyrus model and I'm now paying $230 a month with 4% interest via PayPal credit but the good thing is you don't need to collect 2.7k bucks just to buy it, you can just lease it until you paid it in full

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