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ASUS ZenFone 3 Zoom Review

The last few weeks have been overloaded with new smartphone launches, centered around the late-summer extravaganza that is the IFA trade show, and now Apple’s new batch of iPhones. But even going back a month or two earlier, this whole season has been delivering a solid assortment of interesting handsets, running the gamut from the most tricked-out flagships to some attractively balanced affordable phones. As we take a little bit of a breather after recovering from IFA, we’re spending some time looking back on a few of those phones that might be worth a second look, and right now that means diving into what Asus has cooked up with the ZenFone 3 Zoom.

ASUS ZenFone 3 Zoom Review –

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34 Responses

  1. Daniel Dougan

    I own this phone, and I love it. The battery life is EPIC. I can't tell you how liberating it is to not always be worried about my battery dying. The camera(s) are very good, if not great. But if you want great, you'll spend a hell of a lot more money.

  2. Ross Leonen

    Battery lasts me 3 days. on light use, 2 days on normal use including browsing, video and music. around 12-15 hrs of heavy gaming on a single charge. Not sure if we got same phone

  3. Sarah Lowry

    I have this phone. 4g ram etc etc. I've had iPhones and Samsung phones in the past and This phone is the best phone I've ever had. Ever!! The pictures are amazing. The battery lasts for days even with continuous use. I would thoroughly recommend this phone to anyone and everyone.

  4. David Hartin

    the cameras are as good as my s7. I like to read comments to see if anyone has had major issues. like mine. apple music is garbled for the first couple seconds of each song so i can't update. anyone else?

  5. martin plas

    Do not buy this phone (or any other Asus products for that matter)! Here is why: I decided to buy a smart phone from a less known brand because it would safe me some money. After receiving the phone, there were some minor issues (e.g. I set the phone to Dutch, but there were a lot of spelling errors), but I accepted these since the phone was quite cheap. After about a month or so, the phone fell from my pocket while I was sitting down. It dropped no more than a foot. It has a rubber case and glass screen protector, so I expected nothing had happened. I was wrong. The screen was cracked (not the screen protector though, that was still fine) and it stopped working in total. I was pretty pissed because this should not happen, but I assumed Asus would understand and repair the screen for me. Wrong again! They told me that even though I have a one-year warranty, they only cover manufacturing defects and that there is nothing they could do. I send them multiple emails, asking them to reconsider, since this clearly was a manufacturing defect (no screen should crack under these circumstances, let alone stop working). They refused and told me I could have it fixed… For 290$! That is the same amount I payed for the phone when I bought it. I am still considering if I should fix the phone or take my loss and just go back to the decent phone brands that, so far, have never disappointed me (Samsung, Huawei, iPhone, etc.). I will never in my life buy an Asus product again. Please be warned, do not buy this phone!

  6. jimtheseraf2

    Have anyone of you tasted a Ethernet adapter which work on zenfone 3 zoom???
    I am 50-50 on getting this one but i need to know about the Ethernet adapter…

    Also has anyone noticed any lag on 2018 apps?? is it gating slower or not?? (i dont meaning on games, just simple task apps)

  7. A McConaughey

    Herdthink. It's not a good phone, because….. Erum, well… Because… It's not that good. (Circulus in probando.)
    And… Also because…. Nobody else likes it much… So… Ya..
    We won't tell you that but that's basically it in a nutshell.

  8. karim Z

    Such an unfair review, you went all the way with the cons.
    I own zenfone 3 and its just that awesome, in many if not all aspects.
    Loving it

  9. Diondre Begay

    It's a budget phone yet you talk like it's suppose to be up there with the newer flagships . It's a low budget phone for a reason . Yet am buying it

  10. uncle8jack uncle

    The hardware if asus is always good, but software is bad…
    Big battery with s625, but it's battery life is worse than redmi note4 that is 4000mah battery. Big size camera but weird tuning…

  11. A McConaughey

    I own this phone, and the main two things you have wrong here is the camera. It's actually excellent. Considering the price of the phone, it's actually the best camera around right now. And the battery. I'm going with what Tom's Guide reported. Quite simply: Longest battery life of any phone I've ever used.

    I note also that you're using a phone that has Zen UI 3.0. 4.0 is much better and seems to have found some efficiencies the earlier version lacked. .

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