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Asia's Next Topmodel Cycle 5 Episode 6



This episode:
The models are posing for the brand company
“Neutrogena”. The models are posing in the bathtube represent
three new products in each colour! This elimination is intense
just watch it and let it know! My favorite models is going to
be eliminated! 🙁

►My favorite Pictures◄
►Nametha #TeamSingapore
►Maureen #TeamPhilippines
►Minh Tu #TeamVietnam



► AsNTM Cycle 5 – Episode 5 –

► AsNTM Cycle 5 – Meet The Cast –



1. Opening Song – 3rd Prototype – Together (NCS Release)
2. Be Together [NCS Release]
3. Fadeout Song – Why We Loose (NCS Release)



Instagram- Official► @antm_everything

Instagram- Privat► @x_fishflyy


Enjoy it! Thanks!


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43 Responses

  1. Goblin Assariyakun

    3 – NAMETHA
    4 – SHIKIN
    5 – VELARIE
    6 – TU
    7 – CLARA
    8 – VERONIKA
    9 – DOROTHY

  2. Lyandru Tambunan

    I love the twins, they are Asian beauty. I think the drama is just made to make the competition interesting, and not boring. If all the girls play nice then it will be less exciting.

  3. e abv

    my call out :
    FCO : Nametha
    SCO : Cindy
    3rd : Shikin
    4th : Valerie
    5th : Maureen
    6th : Minh Tu
    7th : Clara
    Bottom 2 : Veronika
    Out : Dorothy

  4. Raga Iddo

    My callout order :
    1) Nameetha ( disqualificated)
    2) Cindy
    3) Shikin
    4) Maureen
    5) Valerie
    6) Clara
    7) Minh Tu
    8) Veronika
    9) Dorothy

  5. Criselda Bautista

    My Rank
    1. Maureen ( beautiful skin and beautiful face)
    2. Nametha
    3. Cindy ( beautiful skin)
    4. Valerie
    5. Shikin
    6. Minh Tu
    7. Clara
    8. Dorothy
    9. Veronika ( Hated her because about the internet issue)
    For me Nametha shouldn't have been disqualified.

  6. Geraldus Pax Kurnia

    My call Out

    1. Nametha
    2. Cindy
    3. Maureen
    4. Minh Tu
    5. Shikin
    6. Valerie
    7. Clara
    8. Dorothy
    9. Veronika ( ELIMINATED )

  7. Jane Scarson

    1.Nametha (Disqualified)
    6.Minh Tú

  8. Christ John Lloyd Atienza

    For the people who are asking the song because the song written in description is wrong, it's Make me move (tobu remix) search it on ncs

  9. ModeltopVideo

    I don't hate twins just feel disappointed.
    Valerie complained Dorothy photo after that Nametha ask twins back "who should win this"
    Veronika say Im not a judge!. Both of you should know when you judges someone negative, Someone can judge you negative either.

  10. Earl Ryan Gesman

    In this episode I like Clara. and I hope that the twin will be eliminated they are so plastic, as what Clara said they have thousands of faces.

  11. alif who

    my call out
    1. Nametha (FCO)
    2. Shikin (Runner up)
    3. Maureen
    4. Cindy
    5. Valerie -My personal favourite
    6. Tu
    7. Dorothy
    8. Clara (bottom 2)
    9. Veronika (eliminated)

  12. Michelle Flores

    i just want dorothy and clara out. if that so happens i just dont care who wins it cos i like the rest of the models

  13. MM LOH

    With all that editing, how sure are we to believe what we see “really” happen? Afterall, this is a reality TV show.

    Sharing my 2 cents worth comments n thoughts based solely on the 6 episodes I have watched.

    Nametha – I truly respect her dignity for being real & staying true to herself for willing to sacrifice something for a good cause with no regrets!

    I applause Nametha for admitting what she did n graciously accepted the consequences of being elimated without giving unnecessary excuses or being argumentative.
    “ Owning one’s mistake is greater then faking a perfection! ”

    Clara – She may be childish, spoil brat, at time seems like a crazy n blunt “bimbo” that speaks what comes to her mind. At least, she is not mean-spirited. All she needs is to learn how to converse in a tactful manner.
    “ Say what one feel, it is not being rude, it is being real, unpretentious & not mean-spirited ”

    As for the twin Vs, even after the makeover, they still look older like “Ibu” compared to the other girls. Slowly n eventually, their true nature, their inner beast, that cunning green-eye monsters are coming out. Like Bawang Putih becoming Bawang Merah. OR Disney version of Cinderalla: Step sisters Anastasia and Drizella disgusing themselves to be Cinderella.

    “Outer beauty attracts, Inner beauty captivate! ”

    Beauty is a treasure, but graciousness is priceless. Without it, nothing is possible; with it, one can do anything.

    Women who stay true to themselves are always more interesting and beautiful to me. They didn't submit to any standard of beauty – they defined it.

  14. Saigon tran binh

    My call out
    1st Cindy
    2nd Maureen
    3rd Shikin
    4th Valerie
    5th Minh Tu
    6th Nametha
    7th Clara
    8th Veronika
    Eliminated Dorothy

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