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Asia's Next Top Model Season 3 Episode 1

Asia’s Next Top Model Season 3
2015/03/25 Episode 1

Hong Kong Representative : Lorretta Chow
(Miss Hong Kong 2007 2nd Runner Up, Hong Kong Singer, Actress)

周美欣 Lorretta Chow Official Facebook Page :

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Please support Lorretta Chow on #AsNTM3 🙂


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30 Responses

  1. Winona Ryder

    No way those bathing suits are high fashion, Walmart carries much better bathing suits, Shereta is gorg but I don't think she wanted it that much.

  2. Sydney Nguyen

    I just came from watching Australia’s Next Top Model and I realized that all the girls in that version were 21 and under while this show has older women loll

  3. anita khadka

    the only thing that i am seeing is some light and dark skinned mongolean girls,where are those pakistani,Nepali,indian,etc girls with extremely exotic features….the title ''Asia'' does not do justice for the program

  4. K121

    I’m adopted and Chinese… I grew up loving ANTM… how am I just now finding this show!!!
    Also, I grew up in a small all white community and being asian was considered ugly. And I watch this and I’m just like- how are they all so PRETTY😍

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