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AORUS Z370 Ultra Gaming BIOS Overview

Going over the BIOS on the AORUS Z370 Ultra Gaming. Check out our full review of the motherboard here:

And the Video Review:

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More Motherboard Videos:

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22 Responses

  1. Black Diamond

    Hi, I buildding a Z370 Aorus Gaming Wifi PC with 32GB Ram (2x16GB=32) and a Samsung 970 Evo NVMe M.2 500GB and when i fire up for the first time without OS install, I the isue that in the motherboard sockets 4 and 2 doesn't work, keep flashing an d never turn on. With a single Ran installed in sockrt 1 or 3 fire up ok. What can I do to fix this problem? Thanks you for your time

  2. Maximo Demian

    Hi, i have a problem with booting this motherboard. When i try to install windows via a USB drive it boots to windows but then it doesnt find the files to proceed with the instalation. Why is that? thanks

  3. Pitipat Judgement

    i want to disable my vitulization , i can't remember how to turn it on, For now i want to shut it down but i don't know how to find it

  4. Alwaleed Khayyat


    I'm sorry but you did not mention virtualization technology on the mother board. I have the same mother board and i'm struggling with these option because I can't find it.


  5. DerBaron FPV

    i need ur help … i have the exact same board and prozessor. and i only can select the "cpu upgrade" and not the "cpu clock ratio" if i use X.M.P i cannot use the cpu upgrrade funktion…

  6. Jason Swift

    I have a Gigabyte Aorus Z390 gaming pro (non wifi) what is the best way to set up the bios to accept a 2nd m.2 ssd as my other hard drive?

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