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AMD Ryzen 5 3600X Review vs. R5 3600: $50 for a Letter

The R5 3600X costs $50 more than the R5 3600, and so we’re looking into whether it’s worth it for the higher base and boost clocks.
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This review benchmarks AMD’s new Ryzen 5 3600X CPU vs. the R5 3600, R7 3700X, and R9 3900X, primarily looking at value versus the R5 3600. In this review, we assume you’ve already made the decision to opt for either an R5 3600 or R5 3600X, and are focusing *ONLY* on talking about that comparison. If you’d like a wider comparison versus Intel i5/i7 and previous AMD Ryzen CPUs, watch our R5 3600 review here:

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Editorial, Test Lead: Steve Burke
Testing, Editorial: Patrick Lathan
Video: Josh Svoboda, Andrew Coleman, Keegan Gallick

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20 Responses

  1. Accostrophe

    Right now on newegg the 3600 is 195 and the 3600x is 204, so i got the 3600x. Might as well spend the extra 10 bucks for a higher clock speed, no?

  2. ks2033tv

    Been watching sales and at some times thiers only a $17 dollars difference between the two CPUs. (best case) At that point…

  3. Brody Kramer

    They are currently $18 in price difference right now. Should I still go with the 3600? Or just spend the extra and get the X? I still need to get a new GPU as well

  4. Pierre

    So if you are able to manually change a number in the bios to 43 and 1.4000 then buy a 3600.

    If you can't do that get 3600x

  5. Wayne Corder

    Of course this video is 10 months old but I bout the X for 30 more dollars just to get the Spire cooler vs the Wraith cooler.

  6. AftermathXJ220

    My 3600X using Asus X570 Prime-P motherboard & Noctua D-15 cooler, hits all-core 4.3 Ghz @ 1.34 volts, 4.35 Ghz @ 1.4 volts, & 4.4 Ghz was not stable enough to finish Cinebench R-15 even @ 1.44 volts. Was not willing to push any further, but the temperatures were still fine at about 75 Fahrenheit, just too high of a voltage to push on.

  7. Xan B.

    1.4v is not safe for Zen 2. AMD recommends 1.325v safe max, so your 4.3 Ghz 3600 overclock is a bit of stretch. You would be lucky if 3600 would stay stable with that voltage after just a couple of month due to electromigration.

  8. Aresisis

    wonder what the differences are against 3600x OC? my MSI x470 has this "game mode" in bios that puts it at 4.25 all core, so with oc being that easy i can't imagine anyone leaving it on stock. this could just be me trying to justify that extra price. tho it was on sale, only $25 more than 3600. i gotta watch these videos before the next build

  9. George Costanza

    honeslty dont understand why this guys channel is so popular. Ive watched several videos from this channel since im currently building a new mid tier PC and he always seems so unenthusiatic and uninterested.

  10. Asad Javeed

    So if 3600 and 3600x cost me almost the same, with 3600 literally maybe $5 less…. And I am gonna go 5700XT anyway….And I am gonna game mostly and make YouTube videos about games and such………………..

    I can go 3600x and 5700XT…? Especially if my initial plan was 3700x but it's a bit pricey for me?

    Can the 3600x be OCed more than the 3600? I know Steve talked about it at the end of the video but I didn't get any…. Well… Conclusions…?
    Just curious… I am new to all this…. So don't rip me apart when answering.

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