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AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Review, Price to Performance Champ!

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AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Review, Price to Performance Champ!

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48 Responses

  1. TheVulcanJedi

    @12:07 Ryzen 5 1600: "Go ahead and pay no attention to my insanely good price to performance ratio…just pretend I'm not even here." Meanwhile, in 2020, 1600 AF is even more angry. In fact, AF stands for Angry as F—.

  2. Karl Hungus

    I would say with the current prices the 2600X is the best value at 1440p at $160 CDN with the 3600 being $80 more right now. I only see a 2 – 6 fps difference (highs and lows) between the two. When you're saying 'the lows on the 3rd gen part are a good bit higher than the 2nd gen ryzen'…you do realize that the graph showed a 3 fps difference? That wouldn't even be noticeable.

  3. MrAckers75

    Trouble is there are still plenty of ryzen 2 chips around selling for very good prices.
    Can get a 2600 for 100£ and the 3600 is 160£.
    I would rather Save 60£ and put it towards a good gpu!

  4. Joshua C.

    I'm getting instant 75s under Prime95 small FFTs using a Cooler Master MLPro 240 AIO with PBO and Arctic Silver 5 TIM with my Ryzen 5 23600.
    Where should I look to bring this down? It seems … high, given my A10-7870k could be pinned in the 50s by this cooler with fans idle on a 4.4 OC.

  5. David Camilo Tovar

    I was going for it, but since I'm planning to get another 1080ti for a sli config, I'll have to go for the 9600k, might be more expensive, but it's also more powerful.

  6. nec2152

    @Steve, would you recommend a 3600 or a 2700X now that 2700X price has dropped to $165 while 3600 is $180 on Amazon in Jan 2020? This is for a mostly gaming + HTPC machine. 2700X stock Prism cooler is also much better than Wraith Stealth that comes with 3600, so overall 2700X looks to be a better deal.. What would you recommend? Thank you!!

  7. Baka Senpai

    It just devastates i5 9700k when it comes not only FPS but price as well + you get a free Wraith LED cooler? AMD is becoming more and more amazing as i see

  8. G TEK

    @Hardware Unboxed can you please make a video on performance difference of ryzen 5 3600 with b450 gaming plus max or tomahawk max with a X570 board

  9. davidbrennan5

    Just bought a Ryzen 3600 and a Asus tuf gaming WIFI X570 board a fast m.2 drive 16 gig of samsung b die ram and a gtx 1660 TI along with a new case and PSU. I normally spend 5k but now I have kids and budget is tight. This is to replace a AMD Phenom 2 X4 965 black edition with a gtx 660TI.

  10. FlamongOle

    So for pure gaming, 9600K seems to be better as it can normally clock to and even above 5GHz all-core. Wish it would be compared with both CPU's overclocked as well.

  11. Allan khad

    Intellectually beautiful review. Sold me on the r5 3600/x. Hoping I can keep the same mobo for 4th gen R? I hate that money-making gimmick. Greedy, IMO.

  12. Haider Pervaiz

    My ryzen 3600 doing 3943 points in r20 on 4.3ghz(1.45v).I do 4.3ghz in need of high fps.4.2ghz is r15 stable on 1.35v but fails in r20 but works in games.
    Edit: I am using 3733Mhz CL 16-15-14-14-26-40 timings on 1.47v stable which is fine for a good samsung b-die memory.Also timings are further enhanced using ryzen dram calculator.

  13. FotoAmg AmgFoto

    For me it turned out upgrade bios made lots of BSOD and I had to go with older BIOS as new does not work with Ryzen 5 3600 🙁
    Nobody knows it is a batch of bad CPU or has the issue for all the same CPUs and only BIOS manufacturer issue.
    See it here:


  14. Mike Pawlik

    In some benchmarks I've seen the Ryzen 5 3600 not only completely embarrass a i5-9400f, but also trade blows with an i7-8700k, overclocked, when it didn't just destroy it completely. This chip is just a MASSIVE leap for AMD and a really actually quite serious blow to Intel when even their i9-9900k doesn't really belong anywhere, nor any of the other super high-end X299 chips in light of Gen 3 Threadripper.

    AMD is bringing some serious firepower to the party and I am super pumped to see what Intel will answer with over the next 12-36 months. i5-9600k ISN'T EVEN AT THE PARTY! Wow…

    Maybe a 16 core, 32 thread 4.0Ghz base chip turboing up to 5.0Ghz for around the same price as a Threadripper 3950x would make most sense since the only equivalent Intel CPU, the 9960X, costs about 500 CAD more with 16C/32T. Absolutely abhorrent demonstration here by Intel in light of Ryzen.

    And what a joy to see.

  15. BljesakiOluja

    I wish I saw this video before buying my proc… oh no, wait. I bought this processor two months before even watching this anyways because jesus christ what price for performance!

  16. Starforsaken

    I've come across a very good deal for a TUF B450M Gaming (asus) motherboard and a 3600X for literally 40% off on both and went ahead and got them for the sake of "why not". Man, this cheap MB and the 3600X really ran like clockwork with a pair of Predator RAM at 3600Mhz. I would have never believed how far you can go with just a small amount of cash now that AMD has stepped in and challenged Intel! Honestly for about $350 you can go a loooong way with regards to gaming nowadays.

  17. Just another youtube user

    A lot of youtubers say 3600 smokes 9600k. All i can say is BULLSHIT. I am fortunate to know people that has the 9600k and 3600 both overclocked and all i can say is for gaming alone… intel is still king.

    I was hyped by these youtubers that ryzen is better and got stuck with 2600 and b450 board. Hoping 3600 will just be at par with 9600k, i could just replace the cpu… well now, im screwed and saving up for the next gen intel chip and board. Lost all hope for ryzen.

    Stop listening to these so called tech youtubers and look a real performance. They will cost you money in the long run.

  18. Technical HarkeshHK

    Ryzen 5 3600, inno3d 1660 twin, 2x8gb 3200mhz ram, Gigabyte b450 ds3h wifi motherboard, Plz let me know if my built is fully compatible.

  19. Rommie Samboski

    9700k actually marks the official demise of intel. Inb4 some basement nerds or tryhards insist that the cpu is the best for gaming. Well, you can keep your 8c8t trash and smarter people will go for ryzen for negligible loss in fps. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  20. MadBunnyRabbit

    It's actually priced at $200 now. Was supper surprised, and since im planing to buy a cooler anyway, I don't know what to do now…

  21. Jesus McBeth

    Your left eyebrow (right for us/on screen) was, for at least relatively continuous and somewhat lengthy periods of this video, constantly quirked, at least abit
    In relation to its pair, I mean; to be sure.

  22. Jesus McBeth

    What about end turn timers in mid/late game for total war titles?
    I'd like to supplicate to you for you to perform such test in the future of present the results of such, please, if you would be so mighty kind.

  23. Erik Britz

    Hi guys i need some help so i want to build a new pc but i am unsure here which will perform better etc can you help?

    Option 1:

    Cpu: Ryzen 5 3400G

    Ram: 8gig DDR4 2666mhz

    Mobo B450M

    GPU:Vega 11

    HDD: Seagate Barracude 500gig

    PSU:Corsair CX650

    Option 2:

    CPU: Ryzen 5 3600

    RAM: 16gig DDR4 2666mhz

    GPU:Radeon R7 240 2gig

    MOBO:B450 Pro

    HDD: 512gig SSD upto 550mb/s

    PSU: standard 400W(I can upgrade later when i upgrade my GPU)

    the R5 3600 setup will cost me a tiny bit more but i am unsure cause i don't know which will perform better in games?

  24. FotoAmg AmgFoto

    Hi! I bought that CPU, now plan to buy MSI B450 Tomahawk MAx as it is a recommended MB, and plan to buy kingstone HyperX Predator DDR4 3200. Will it be a good ram for the budget?
    As i know there are "for AMD" ram modules now released but not sure if it is just a trick to spend more for nothing extra value.
    Here is the RAM specification I plan to buy:

  25. Norbert Nagy

    Is there anybody here now? i am thinking between 3600(200 euro) and 2700(150 euro) which one is better for gaming in 1440p with a 5700? on the long run the 8 core can have the same advantage as the 6 has the advantage now ower the 4 core intel processors or the IPC and clock advantages make it better and worth the extra 30% price in this case? Mobo B450 tomahawk good be quiet cooler so only perf is what metters.


    Regret buying 3600… Idle temperature 50 to 60 degree, play game easily over 80 to 90+
    Stock cooler not really good for Ryzen 3000 series even with good thermal paste…

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