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Amber Heard Admits To Slamming Door And And Clocking Johnny Depp’s Jaw In New Audiotape | MEAWW

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29 Responses

  1. Haz Nora

    Sound like…
    Hhhmmm.. yes! I did hit, slam, punch & kick him but..but these a LONG explaination why Im doing tht. & he is still abuser
    We are all yawnnnning……😧
    She's damn cunning. 😱

  2. Gina Gabriella MUA

    I don't doubt that they both have been physical with each other. They definitely both put their hands on each other, but this story that she is saying that he was the one that beat her I don't buy for one second. But that doesn't mean that they both didn't hit each other. I believe that part.

  3. Toto Gianzon

    The Feminist Movement created the perfect Bride of Frankenstein and I believe there’s a lot of them out there.

    How to defend yourself to such creatures?

    You fight back to defend then its automatically the superiority of the male over a weaker sex.

    When the male tries to avoid, the black widow female attacks to physically hurt knowingly that their actions will be prejudged as unbelievable by a biased society thus even emboldening them further to be the aggressor.

  4. NIBS

    Ms. Heard had her chance with the domestic abuse case, opened when she requested the restraining order. She SOLD her "evidence" to the tabloids to print, but was reluctant to give her deposition (it took three tries). She turned over an evidence list, but as the "evidence" printed by the media was proven to have been tampered with by Ms. Heard, she dropped the case. This kept Mr. Depp from having an opportunity to clear his name. The Judge DISMISSED the case WITH PREJUDICE, meaning Ms. Heard LOST, her case was "egregiously flawed and without merit", and she can NEVER bring charges of Domestic Abuse against Mr. Depp again. IF she had ANY credible evidence , she would have produced it for this case.
    All she has are her lies, and they are growing so large that SHE can't control them. But they are just her stories. The group of co-conspirators, willing to go to jail for her, is dwindling. Josh Drew has given information that proves Raquel Pennington LIED in her deposition. Mr. Depp has solid evidence, signed affidavits, 87 videos, photos, recordings, x-rays, Doctor reports, Hospital stays, and witnesses willing to testify to the abuse that they witnessed. Ms. Heard has her stories (that keep changing) and the testimony of her friends (who lived off of Mr. Depp for free,) who have been proven to be liars.

  5. Aida Aldaba

    #No Offense Meant Jason.
    #Bec of Amber Turd # ROTTEN BEING # NOSHAME

  6. k. _nf

    She’s mental and creepy. Schools should study her: Sociopathy, Psychopathy, Narcissism, Borderline Personality Disorder.

  7. Man Of Beard

    The Sun newspaper in the uk is a rag. I wouldn’t put it down for the dog to lay on. I wish Jason Momoa would show some balls and threaten to withdraw from Aquaman 2 if she isn’t replaced.

  8. Nas H

    Sad thing is she is a woman and beautiful and sycophants so she will pass this with victory and remain famous and found another powerful famous man she can abuse.

  9. bonzology

    IT is a sociopath. I hope IT gets brought up on perjury charges for IT’s obvious/many lies under oath, psychotic piece of narcissistic excrement!

  10. l.xtasy

    this should be a warning for all those idiots chasing young hot gold diggers.stop thinking with your ding dong and look with your heart. you might find a woman who might not be as hot as this one but will lead to paradise instead of dragging you through hell

  11. Open Social

    She also keeps filing fresh lies that she knows she won't have to prove because all she has to do is allege them. The woman is mental. Every time she gets disproven and unmasked she tells new more terrifying lies that Depp's team will have to disprove. It is so frustrating that it degrades one's patience. It has been proved beyond any doubt that she belongs in jail.

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